How To Use:

Grade: This determines what grade you want the climb to be.

Stars: Determines the quality of the climb, with 3 stars being the best.

Region/Crag: Pick one or the other, the search will only include climbs that are in the region/crag you selected.

Anywhere: Location doesn't matter to you.




Created by Daniel Ronalds for a website assesment. This site is designed to help climbers plan outdoor climbing trips by allowing them to see what climbs they would want to/be able to do. A search engine that queries a database with over 300 climbs in it based on what the user chooses to search for. The search form is designed to be user-friendly with dropdown menus to quickly find what they're looking for. The site was built from the ground up without the use of any template, aside from some of the example php code that has been modified as well as the nav bar which was created from a tutorial on youtube.