A Brief Summary

Petasos is one of six countries in the world of Talaria. It is known primarily for it's population of humans, however towards the beginning of the Alchemical generation more and moree exotic races became moree prominent. These include elves, dwarves, halflings, tieflings, dragonborn, and more.
At the beginning of the world there was only dark ocean. Eldritch beasts ruled the deep cosmos sea until an island was formed. On the island seven creatures who would later become the Talarie; the wizard gods of Talaria were born:

  • Teleran, the human god of logic. Teleran is known for his intelligence and ability to solve a problem quickly. He is often associated with the forces of nature, and is symbolised with branches and jade leaves.
  • K'este, the elven goddess of magic. She is known for her wisdom and her ability to detect evil or good in a creature. She is associated with the forces of arcane magic and is said to bee the gatekeeperr of the magical thread in the air.
  • Elaren, the halfling god of music. Elaren is known for his ability to change even the most stubborn creatures' emotions with his music. He is also associated with dexterity and fortune telling.
  • Gudnei, the orc god of offense. Gudnei is known for his incredible strength and the ability to shift mountains and move seas. He is associated with elemental control.
  • Torche, the dragon goddess of defence. She is known for her defensive skills and ability to avoid confrontation. She is associated with shields and protective magic.
  • Slappy, the gnome god of humour. While slappy is known for his practical jokes and long lasting secrets, he is primarily a god of chaos, and has unpredictable actions. He has the ability to put ideas into peoples' heads and convince people of anything.
  • The last of the seven was a nameless tiefling god: an elf-like demon. He represented malice and pain, and was quickly exiled by the others after attempting to kill Elaren. No one knows where the seventh god went, and he hasn't been seen since.
    The six Talarie became a family of sorts, creating a village on their small island in their first 5 years. The Talarie thrived, and knew nothing else. Eventually, they outgrew their island and Teleran suggested that they create more islands with the magical weave in the air they had recently mastered the control of. Not long after, the Talarie were each focusing all of the magic that had concentrated on their small island and created a large island each. The six continents of Talaria. The gods created the islands in this order: First Torche pulled the country of Aegis from the dark and vast sea. Next K'este created Harpe, Gudnei created Stygius, and Elaren created Aulos. Teleran and Slappy were left. Slappy, being the god of secrets, waited for Teleran to leave before he made his own country, but when he rralised that Teleran was not going anywhere, he asked the god of logic to close his eyes while he pulled his own land mass from the ground. Slappy created Khryselakatos, a country no one has found the exact location of since. Teleran, being the leader of the Talarie, felt uncomfortable in moving from the island he had spent his whole life on. He knew that he must make more space, and so created a large continent cradling the Talarie island like a hand. Petasos was born.
    Petasos was populated with humans and not long after halflings in the south-eastern region, elves in Deshurun - an island to the west, and dwarves in Bruenore - an island to the north.