Ashes of Calamity

Inanis, the shattered world. Long ago it was destroyed in a great war between gods, resulting in its current form: five shards hovering above an endless void. Each shard represents one of the five primordial gods that defeated their creators long ago.

Long has there been peace but now there is a new threat to the shards. A warmongering lord of darkness and his army have begun a takeover of the shards, and they are now on the brink of war once again. It is up to you to put a stop to his madness, restore the gods and prevent the Calamity from reducing everything to rubble.


This site provides information on the many items in the Ashes of Calamity dungeons and dragons campaign that I designed from scratch. It tells the story above in an exploration based journey involving many different components. Many of the sprites of the items were based off of the sprites from Terraria, but that is merely visual. I am not breaching any copyright policies that I know of.

Map of Inanis (courtesy of a friend of mine)

Weapons Information

Weapons are the backbone of the combat in this story. They inflict damage and sometimes do different effects such as igniting enemies on fire and electrocuting them.

There are many different types of weapons that come from all corners of the world. Each weapons is tailored to a specific class. These include Melee, Ranger, Mage, Summoner and Rogue. Melee weapons involve physically attacking an enemy, usually with a sword or spear. Ranger involves attacking from a range, typically with a bow or gun. Mage weapons involve attacking using various magical abilities. Summoner involves summoning various creatures or beings to assault your enemies and Rogue is sneaky assassin boi.

Many of these weapons are also boss drops. Defeat stronger bosses to gain stronger weapons. This progression forms the basis of the loot pool, a mechanic which I took inspiration from many RPG games.