Tsutomu Miyazaki

The Otaku Murderer, The Little Girl Murderer, Dracula, Rat Man

Tsutomu Miyazaki (宮﨑 勤, Miyazaki Tsutomu, 21 August 1962 – 17 June 2008) was a Japanese serial killer who murdered four young girls in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture between August 1988 and June 1989.He was termed by the Japanese media as the "Otaku Murderer". Miyazaki abducted and killed the girls, aged from 4 to 7, in his car before dismembering and sexually molesting their corpses. He also engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism, preserved their body parts as trophies, and taunted the families of his victims. Miyazaki was arrested in Hachiōji in July 1989 after being confronted while taking nude photographs of a young girl. He was diagnosed as having one or more personality disorders, but was determined to be sane and aware of his crimes and their consequences. Miyazaki was sentenced to death in 1997 and was executed by hanging in 2008. Miyazaki's extensive collection of pornography and horror videotapes was misrepresented by the media as being primarily anime and manga, which triggered a widespread moral panic against otaku in Japan.

Status: Dead

Victims: 4

Span of Crimes: 1988–1989