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Although we got let off school in late October we had to worry about exams so nothing really happened apart from study. I feel it paid off though as I managed to achieve the results I wanted for most of my exams as found out in mid January. So a lot didn't happen until after exams. Simply this website is going to be about my holidays and the kinds of activities I got up to with family and friends. You may find this interesting but I bet the majority of you viewers won't so ....... yeah. Anyway exams we reasonably stressful but not enough to push me over the edge. My first exam was English and this one was the one I was really scared for as English is arguably my worst subject. I checked about 40 times that I had everything which included my pens, my exam entry slip and my notes to do some last minute revising. They call out my name by the hall and I slowly walking in taking deep breaths. I drop my back off in the corner of the foyer and show the teachers my slip. I then find my seat and sit down anxiously. I was one of the first people to sit down so it was a long wait for me for the exam to properly start. Once it did start, I felt like I never wrote faster in my life. I managed to complete all three standards in just under 3 hours and I was happy with what I had submitted. My first exam was over and from there the other ones felt a lot easier in the fact that I knew what they would be like know as I was roughly sitting in the same seat most of the time and they were my stronger subjects so I felt more confident. Once I walked out of my final exam (which was Accounting) I felt so relieved. I was now free to do whatever for a good three months. Find out what I got up to by clicking the links up the top.

Me posing for my hip hop open class advertisment
Photo used for open class ad
Me lying on the massive flamingo in the pool
Floating on Flamingo
Rise kids being eggs at the BC Christmas at the Park
Group of Eggs
Me laughing just cause
Just laughing