Glow Worms

Visit McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga. Kayak on the calm, safe waters of the lake before entering the river, shrouded in native bush. As it gets dark hear the haunting call of our own native owl the Ru Ru (Morepork) and watch the speckles of the glow worms amongst the bush. Brace yourself as we enter the canyon and witness the spectacle of the glow worms covering the steep cliffs of the canyon.

The Kawiti caves (formerly Waiomio Caves) were discovered in the early 17th century by Roku. Hineamaru, famous cheiftainess of the Ngati hine Tribe arrived at Waiomio with her aged father, Torongare and her brothers.

Exploring the valley, she discovered trodden Tawa berries which made her curious. No member of her party had come this way. Later she smelt smoke which seemed to come from a nearby hill. She went forward and found that the smoke was coming from a cave. 20 metres in from the entrance she came upon a woman sitting by a fire. Hineamaru learned that she was Roku, runaway wife of Haumoewarangi of the Tribe Ngatitu.