The name "Hound" comes from the dog-like nature of these Entities, crawling on all fours and mauling anyone that provokes them. Hounds are humanoids with strange biology, with arms and legs that are built for travel on all fours. They are highly aggressive, and are made aggressive when they see someone in an aggressive state, but can be intimidated by direct eye contact.
Hounds become hostile the moment they see a human. However, they become intimidated when you give direct eye contact and stare them down. This won't work for long however, but it should be enough time to get your bearings and make a run for it. However, if you hear a growling noise, its safest to stay out of sight of a Hound.
A hound appears to be a human with long black hair growing on the head. They have sharp claws, and an extremely large mouth with sharp teeth. However, this is often unseen due to the amount of hair. As mentioned, they walk on all fours, and have a lot of power when they attack a target, despite appearing sickly skinny. Hounds hatch from eggs that originate from The Hive.