The Intruder

6, better known as The Intruder, is an anomalous entity who is responsible for the disappearance of 3,426 children across 4 separate counties at the same time, prompting the government to outlaw most technologic devices and mirrors by 2009. He is not classified as an Alternate, although he is seen collaborating with them more than once, and is implied to be able to afflict Metaphysical Awareness Disorder to his victims much like the Alternates. Because of these similarities, it's assumed that they share creators.
The Intruder, much like the Alternates, seems to be strategic and calculated when it comes to attacking victims. He is also rumoured to be the one tampering with the USDTP's PSAs to spread misinformation about the Alternates through a reliable source in order for people to be more likely to fall victim to them. He is also shown to be incredibly sadistic.
Due to his shapeshifting abilities, his appearance tends to vary, but his most used form is that of a smiling face of a man in his late 20s or early 30s in a saturated black and white tone. In this state, should he become enraged, his entire face becomes pitch black, removing all features with the exception of his eyes. When he exits the device he's inside of and enters the physical world, his body seems pitch black with his only human-like feature being his face, he usually takes advantage of this and hides in the shadows or dark zones. He most commonly appears to be wearing a black hoodie which covers most features save for his now deformed head, that appears to have some sort of acne.