Voronezh Giants

The Giants of Voronezh are an infamous group of alien cryptids reported to have attacked an entire crowd of spectators at a park in Voronezh, Russia in September 27, 1989.
Witnesses have said that when a boy cried out in terror, the beings paralyzed him simply by glaring at him, then vanished into thin air for around five minutes. When they returned, they fired a beam at another boy who appeared to disintegrate. After a stroll around the park, the giants flew away in their craft and their zapped victim instantly rematerialized. Their favourite hobby is terrorising human children.
The exact details of the dramatic Voronezh case are hopelessly muddled and may have been heavily distorted by the press, but in the popular version, a group of young children and several adults witnessed three enormous humanoids emerge from a round, red aircraft at a public park. The creatures appeared to be nearly ten feet tall, with metallic jumpsuits and small, dome-like heads, featureless except for their three menacing, luminous eyes. Abilities include: Intimidation Paralyzing gaze Advanced energy-based firearms Space travel