: an animal (such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster) that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist

Contrary to popular belief, cryptids don't have to be supernatural, mythical or even all that strange—though many popular creatures acquire these characteristics as their legends grow. — Hayley Williams … fighting the Grafton Monster—a monstrous cryptid vaguely resembling a cross between Bigfoot and a seal … — Alan Olson

About the Site

This website has been made to keep record of all confirmed cryptids, sorting them into categories based on physical appearance, traits and biological similarites.

Monster deer
Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, Permian Basin, USA

Deity, Non-Conventional and Other Dimensional

Deity type cryptids are cryptids with power and abilities akin to the descriptions of gods or deities. They are the most dangerous type of cryptid and should be avoided at all costs. If you come into contact with a Deity type cryptid, you can only hope they see fit to spare you.

Non-Conventional type cryptids are cryptids that don't fit the descriptions of the more biological type cryptids and are complete outliers in Cryptozoology. Often made up of sentient objects, items or places.

Other Dimensional type cryptids are cryptids that originate from another dimension. Often coming from realities parallel from our own that have bled into ours or inhabiting exclusively the other dimension but luring their prey into theirs.